In December of 1493, Columbus arrives on the island of La Hispaniola, now Dominican Republic and Haiti, on his second voyage. He brings with him 25 horses, five broodmares and 20 stallions, establishing royal studs and colonizing the island with the first horses. They were descendents of Andalusians, Spanish Barbs from North Africa, and Spanish Jennets bred for their stamina, smooth step and beauty. These horses would form the foundation of the Paso Fino (="Fine Step") breed of the Spanish Conquistadores. 

Although, due to history, for many years the Dominican Republic might not have become a main breeding location of the Paso Fino horse like Colombia, it prides itself to be the first place where these Spanish horses arrived in the "New World". 

Today Dr. Paralta owns a fine selection of excellent Colombian stallions, mares and foals. We are by no means the largest stable on the Island of La Hispaniola, but we pretend to only have the best. 

Rancho Manabao was founded by Dr. Miguel Peralta, a well known dentist who fell in love with the foal Terremoto III , grandson of the famous Terremoto de Manizales of Colombia and bought it just for his own enjoyment. 

But, Alas! (you know how it goes when you are in love with horses) he ended up purchasing also a mare and other horses of fine bloodlines and started to breed, picking only from the top. 

About us

Hidden away in the Central Mountain Region of the Dominican Republic (La Cordillera Central) lays the sleepy little town with the beautiful Taino name "Jarabacoa" ( = Land of many waters ). Half the way from there to the highest peak of the Caribbean, the Pico Duarte, you will find the town of Manabao where some of our horses graze on lush meadows. Our stables are in Jarabacoa where we take loving care of our precious animals.

Paso Fino Rancho Manabao

His great love is still Terremoto III, now a powerful stallion with all of the excellent qualities of his grandfather.

The first Paso Finos in the Americas